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EAOO Helsinki2021 is a unique international congress that brings the optometry and optics sector together once a year.

EAOO Helsinki2021 will take place online on 23-25 April 2021, with ECOO online meetings on 23 April. We offer a top-quality three-day congress including keynotes, various other lectures, poster presentations and a professional exhibition, which is held on the online platform. The programme is in English.

Please note that the ECOO General Assembly and related committee meetings are held as a separate online event. Members will be informed of the details separately. For any questions, please send an e-mail to secretariat@ecoo.info.

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What is EAOO?

Established in 2009, the European Academy of Optometry and Optics (EAOO) is an umbrella organisation for research and training in the field of vision within the European Union. The purpose of the organisation is to advocate for the audibility of the shared voice of professionals in the field of optometry and optics, develop and support the foundations for field-related research and promote the continuous development of professional expertise among optometrists, opticians and other professionals in the field of vision and eyecare around Europe.