Alcon Sponsor lecture

Alcon's sponsored lecture at the EAOO Helsinki2021 event is focused on Water Surface Technologies. The lecture is held on Friday, April 23, 2021, 18–18.30 Helsinki time.

Water Surface Technologies - Alcon’s vision for the future 2021

​What are the concepts that led Alcon for the development of water surface technology? We will take a journey through the thoughts behind Water Surface Technologies and our vision for helping people see brilliantly.

Our innovations have paved the way to improve the handling, use and comfort of contact lenses. Our expertise in polymer chemistry has led to the most innovative contact lens technology in Alcon’s history. This technology provides the foundation to deliver unique product solutions that meet a number of known clinical and patient needs. And we will continue to do so.​


Mai Pham, BSc Optometrist,
Nordic Professional Affairs Manager at Alcon

Mai Pham graduated from University of South-Eastern Norway in Optometry in 2011 and completed a BSc in Economics and International Management from South-Eastern Norway and Queensland University of Technology, Australia in 2015. During her studies she was also involved in the Norwegian Optometry Association as student liaison. Mai has experience from private optometric practices both in Norway and Denmark before joining Alcon Vision Care in Copenhagen in 2018. In her role as a Professional Affairs Manager she support the making and execution of plans for educations and seminars to Nordic Eye Care Professionals (ECP’s), staff, optometry schools, optometry assistants schools and students.

During the past 2 years she has assisted in developing educational platforms, events and professional materials to reach Nordic ECPs, store management and staff efficiently, and have engaged in education activities across all Nordic markets (Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway). Alongside of being the voice of the ECP she has also a great interest to help managing clinical studies of new and existing contact lens products together with leading Nordic Eye care practitioners and to ensure proper usage of claims from all global studies.

Her primary areas of interest, both from her previous role as an optometrist and in her current role are soft spherical, toric and monthly contact lenses and contact lens care.