Participant Instructions

The program of EAOO Helsinki2021 is divided into three different sections, and the sessions and lectures can be followed via live stream. Familiarize yourself with the EAOO Helsinki2021 program and pick the topics that interest you most. You can move from one lecture to the other lecture as you wish.

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The lecture recordings are be available on the platform for all registered participants until 30th May.

Please note that the ECOO General Assembly and related committee meetings are held as a separate online event. Members will be informed of the details separately. For any questions, please send an e-mail to

How the online platform works​

The EAOO Helsinki2021 online platform is easy to use. The dedicated links to join the conference have been sent to registered participants. Please check your e-mails for a message from (including spam folder) – see example below. If you do not have received the e-mail, please write to us at

The event starts on Friday 23rd April at 10:00 Helsinki time, but it is recommended that you tune in a little earlier. if you have any problems or questions about using the link, please send a message to Through this e-mail, you can get help during the entire event.​

Upon entering the platform, you will first enter the event Lobby.
On the left, you will see a menu where you can move to lectures in the different Rooms (Plenary, Sibelius and Uspenski) – you can move freely from one room to the other. Please check the event program beforehand to check where each lecture is.

From the platform's left side menu you can:

  • enter the rooms, where the lectures and sessions are held
  • view the event schedule
  • visit the online exhibition
  • view the Posters. The Posters are available through the entire event.

If you have questions about using the platform or stream, please see the platform's help-instructions. You can also send your question to the organizers via chat – or send an e-mail to

Technical instructions

In case of problems, first try refreshing the browser window.

Supported browsers

  • Google Chrome (recommended)
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge

Having sound problems?

  1. Check that the video player is not on mute.
  2. Try to increase the volume on your device, check that it is not on mute.

Troubleshooting for Windows 10.
Troubleshooting for Mac.

Having video problems?

  1. If the video player is loaded correctly and you cannot see errors, try to click on the player.
  2. Make sure your network does not have firewalls that may block the video from playing.
  3. Make sure your browser does not have addons that might block the video from playing.

You can try to troubleshoot video player specific error messages here.​​

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What is EAOO?

Established in 2009, the European Academy of Optometry and Optics (EAOO) is an umbrella organisation for research and training in the field of vision within the European Union. The purpose of the organisation is to advocate for the audibility of the shared voice of professionals in the field of optometry and optics, develop and support the foundations for field-related research and promote the continuous development of professional expertise among optometrists, opticians and other professionals in the field of vision and eyecare around Europe.