Three days of a high-quality programme based on the latest research and knowledge in optometry - Under the theme: Advancing Optometry and Optics through Technology and Shared Care

Below you can find information about the conference programme. The programme consists of two international prestigious keynote speeches and four plenary sessions based on the research reports (abstracts) submitted and selected for the event. The lectures are held simultaneously in two lecture rooms.

A comprehensive sponsor and industry exhibition will be held at the same time at the venue and will run from Friday to Sunday.

EAOO Program

Friday 10.5.2024

9.00-12.00 Workshops at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

13.00 Exhibition opens

14.00 Welcome session - the official conference program begins 


14.30 Keynote: Dr. Leonard Wirkamp - The hospital in 2030, is it in your practice?

15.30-19.00 Communication and shared care: lectures, Rapid Fire Sessions (OPTICS AND VISION), Early Career Sessions and Special Interest Groups in three different lecture spaces

16.00 Posters (BINOCULAR VISION)

17.30-19.00 American Academy of Optometry - EAOO Join Pediatric Optometry with Susan Cotter and Fiona Anderson

See the full program for Friday here.

Saturday 11.5.2024

Exhibition open all day

9.00-11.00 MYOPIA, PATHOLOGY lectures, Rapid Fire Sessions (REFRACTION & VISION) 

10.00-11.00 HOYA Sponsored lecture

11.00-11.30 Coffee break and Exhibition

11.00 Posters (PRIMARY CARE)

11.30-13.00 CONTACT LENS & DRY EYE lectures

11.30-12.30 EssilorLuxottica Sponsored Lecture

12.30-13.00 iCare Sponsored Lecture

13.00-14.00 Lunch, Posters and Exhibition

14.00-15.00 REFRACTION Lectures

14.00 Posters (MYOPIA)

15.00-16.00 Keynote: Dr. Sandra Block - Ensuring we as primary eyecare providers are part of the action to address preventable visual impairment: WCO’s role!

16.00-16.30 Coffee break and Exhibition


16.30-18.00 Lectures continue, Rapid Fire Session (BINOCULAR VISION)

17.00-18.00 Round Table: Eyecare in the Changing World

20.00-20.30 EAOO Conference Dinner 

See the full program for Saturday here.

Sunday 12.5.2024

Exhibition open until afternoon

9.30-10.50 Lectures and Rapid Fire Sessions (EDUCATION, PRIMARY CARE / PATHOLOGY)

10.20-10.50 HEIDELBERG ENGINEERING Sponsored Lecture 

10.50-11.10 Conference Recap

11.10-11.40 Coffee Break and Exhibition

11.00 Posters (PRIMARY CARE)

11.40-12.40 Lectures continue, Rapid Fire Sessions (AI AND ADVANCES IN OPTOMETRY)

Conference ends at 1.00 p.m.

See the full program for Sunday here.

See ALL Posters, topics and presenters here.

ECOO Program

European Council of Optometry and Optics (ECOO) Spring meeting 2024 will take place from Thursday May 9th to Saturday May 11th in same conference venue.

Pls. take a look at the detailed program here

Program in short:

Thursday 9.5.2024
ECOO closed sessions for board/executive committee members only 9.00-17.30
Welcome reception 19.30-22.00

Friday 10.5.2024

ECOO closed meetings committee members only
ECOO all members committees and workshops
ECOO get-together dinner 19.30-22.00

Saturday 11.5.2024

ECOO General Assembly 9.00-13.00