Dr Leonard Witkamp is a former dermatologist, board member of KSYOS, the first digital hospital in The Netherlands. He is a professor in digital transformation, formerly attached to the Department of Medical Informatics of the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam. 

He founded the KSYOS organisation in 2000. KSYOS develops digital transformation services that add to increase efficiency of the healthcare process. KSYOS investigates the efficiency increasing potential of this digitally transformed medical services in cooperation with future users, thereby creating broad basic support. KSYOS subsequently takes care of the implementation and operation of these services in regular healthcare. KSYOS works together with a network of over 20.000 healthcare workers in diagnosis, consultation, and monitoring. KSYOS yearly performs over 250.000 consultations.

His experience as research fellow in market research, as university teacher and researcher, as practicing dermatologist and as board member of KSYOS has been an excellent base for his role as Professor in Telemedicine. By teaching, doing research and promoting the use of digital transformation in regular healthcare he helps Ksyos to reach its mission: maintaining accessibility of the healthcare system for the general population.