Lahti is a city of makers. A sustainable future calls for more actions, not just talk. Lahti is the European Green Capital 2021, where we are making the future together. In Lahti, we believe cities play a crucial role in solving environmental problems. 
That’s why we take bold environmental actions every day and want to be a pioneer of sustainable, smart solutions.

See for yourself how we are moving towards our goals to become an ecological city.

In Lahti, we will:
· Cut CO2 emissions by 80% from 1990 levels by 2025.
· Be a carbon-neutral city by 2025.
· Be a waste-free and utterly circular economy by 2050.
· Protect nature and valuable freshwater and groundwater resources.
· Increase all sustainable urban mobility modes: walking, cycling, and public transportation.

Lahti European Green Capital 2021

Every year, the European Commission awards the title of European Green Capital to one European city that has a consistent record of achieving high environmental standards, is committed to ongoing and ambitious goals for further environmental improvement and sustainable development and can act as a role model to inspire other cities and promote best practices to all other European cities.

The City of Lahti is working on a comprehensive regional and international programme featuring both a range of events and various cooperation projects for its European Green Capital year 2021. Lahti’s Green Capital year contributes towards Finland's climate targets, promotes sustainable urban development and showcases the most advanced environmental solutions in Europe. Lahti has chosen carbon-neutral life, citizen engagement, circular economy as well as nature and water as the themes for the big year.



CitiCAP has developed a personal carbon trading model and a mobile application for tackling mobility emissions. The overall aim is to develop an incentive system for more sustainable mobility in Lahti. The big launch of the carbon trading application for Lahti citizens is in January 2020.

The carbon cap for mobility emissions is defined based on the emission reduction targets set by the city of Lahti. Users of the application receive their personal carbon budget for mobility. The application detects the different travel modes automatically and calculates the CO₂s, time and distance travelled. By choosing sustainable mobility modes the user will earn virtual euros that can be exchanged for benefits and services on the app.

Lahti PCT model is co-created from the start with different stakeholders. The CitiCAP project is funded by the EU, Urban Innovative Actions (UIA) initiative. The project will continue until the end of 2020.


Ecocity Builders

Internationally renown nonprofit Ecocity Builders works to build thriving urban centers based on “access by proximity” and to reverse patterns of sprawl and excessive consumption. As an event series of Ecocity Builders, Ecocity Forum provides cities and citizens opportunities to explore new ideas, approaches, and innovative projects in more depth and detail. At Ecocity Builders we have an adage – "As we build, so shall we live." Quality of life, for humans and for nature, are inextricably linked. We are part of nature as well as shapers of natural systems, and now on a planetary scale. The ecocity model gives us a way forward – it’s feasible, practical, and doable. Our work is about sharing ecocity knowledge and accelerating change towards cities and citizens in balance with human and natural systems. 


Sibelius Hall is located by the beautiful Lake Vesijärvi. Sibelius Hall is a congress- and concert center that offers diverse services for both consumers and companies. Sibelius Hall was built in 2000 adjacent to an old factory building. The modern wooden architecture is combined with the old industrial history in the most interesting way.

The very spacious Forest Hall and the stunning lake scenery create an incredible atmosphere for big lunches, festivities and events. A view to Lake vesijärvi opens from every room of the Congress Wing. The famous Main Hall acts as an arena for big conferences and as a concert venue. The concert program has options for every taste, also for additional entertainment of conferences and events. The versatile Carpenter's Hall and -Workshop can be used for conferences, dinner parties and exhibitions.

Address: Ankkurikatu 7, 15140 Lahti, FINLAND