One to one meetings take place in parallel to the agenda on both days. Registered participants will receive more information about the meetings closer to the event.


Thursday 4.4.2019


Welcome Coffee


Opening Words by Business Finland and ESA PDF
Kimmo Kanto, Finland's Head of Delegation to ESA Council
Géraldine Naja, ESA Head of Industrial Policy and Auditing Department


ESA Directorate and Programme presentations

  • Earth Observation Programmes PDF
    Maurice Borgeaud, Head of the ESA Earth Observation Department
  • Telecommunications and Integrated Applications
    Christopher Topping PDF, Future Projects Division, Telecommunications and Integrated Applications Directorate
    Tony Sephton PDF, Special Projects Manager, Outreach and Countries Office, Downstream Business Applications Department

  • Science/PRODEX PDF
    Marcos Bavdaz, Head of the Technology Preparation Section, Future Missions Department, Science Directorate
    Marline Claessens, Deputy Head PRODEX Office

  • Navigation PDF
    Giorgio Solari, Head of GNSS Strategy and External Coordination Office
  • Technology, Engineering and Quality/GSTP PDF
    Udo Becker, Head of the GSTP Programme
  • Operations / Space Safety Programme PDF
    Alexi Glover, Space Weather Service Coordinator, Space Weather Office, Space Safety Programme Office, Directorate of Operations


Coffee Break


Large Scale Integrator Presentations

  • Airbus Defence and Space PDF
    Chris Ward, ADS, Head of Space R&D UK, Space Systems
  • Orbitale Hochtechnologie Bremen PDF
    Kolja auf der Heide, OHB, Director Global Supply Chain Management 
  • Thales Alenia Space PDF
    Jean-Jacques Juillet, TAS, Countries Programs Coordination, Business Line Observation Exploration & Navigation


Coffee Break


Finnish Space Industry Group Presentation PDF
Veera Sylvius, Chair, Association of Finnish Defence and Aerospace Industries’s (AFDA) Space Group 


Finnish Space Industry Presentations

    Pekka Laurila, CSO, Co-founder
  • Reaktor Group PDF
    Juha-Matti Liukkonen, Director, Space and New Technologies
    Marko Höyhtyä, Team Leader, Autonomous Systems Connectivity
  • Ruag Space Finland Oy PDF
    Timo Hänninen, CEO RUAG Space Finland Oy AB at RUAG Space
  • Harp Technologies PDF
    Janne Lahtinen, Managing Director

19:30 Networking Cocktail and Q&A

Friday 5.4.2019


Morning Coffee


Keynote Speech: Winds of Change in Finnish Space Administration PDF
Maija Lönnqvist, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment


Aalto University, Finnish Centre of Excellence in Research of Sustainable Space (FORESAIL) PDF
Jaan Praks, Assistant Professor at Aalto University


Finnish Space Industry Presentations

  • Space Systems Finland PDF
    Ilic Dubravka, Business Unit Manager, Space Systems Finland
  • Picosun PDF
    Marko Pudas, IP-manager and EU-Project Manager
  • Rejlers Finland Oy PDF
    Tuomas Teräsvuori, Project Manager
  • DA-Group PDF
    Nestori Fabritius, Senior Project Manager, Space Technology
    Jussi Lehti, Managing Director

10:40 Coffee Break


Finnish Space Industry Presentations

  • Elfys Oy PDF
    Mikko Juntunen, Chief Executive Officer of ElFys Oy
  • Mectalent Oy PDF
    Joonas Pöyry, Sales Manager
  • Terramonitor/Satellio Oy PDF
    Joni Norppa, CEO & Founder
  • Meluta Oy PDF
    Jouko Suokas, Board Member Of Meluta Oy
  • Magister Solutions Oy PDF
    Tommi Flink, CEO at Magister Solutions Ltd.
  • Finnish Meteorological Institute PDF
    Jyri Heilimo, Head of Arctic Space Centre at Finnish Meteorological Institute

Q&A and Wrap-up


Networking buffet lunch