During the afternoon programme, registered participants will have the possibility to meet with several financiers in parallel with the workshops. Please see below for more information on what the financiers have to offer. The meetings require no pre-bookings.

Business Finland - Christropher Palmberg

The Business with Impact (BEAM) program funds RDI projects and     helps companies identify relevant opportunities, partners and global funding to develop new solutions for growth markets in developing countries. We focus on activities that also contribute to the Sustainable Development goals and collaborate with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, development banks and the UN to achieve this. In Autumn 2019 we are also launching a Market Match Service to help Finnish SMEs enter the Vietnamese markets.


Finnvera - Erno Ihto

As the Finnish Export Credit Agancy, Finnvera provides export credit guarantees to the financing of Finnish exports. These guarantees relate to export credits, documentary credits, bills of exchange and to the protection of invoice receivables (credit insurance). Finnvera guarantees cover the non-payment by the debtor due to political (country) and commercial (buyer/bank) risks in export transactions. In addition, Finnvera guarantees can be used by banks in pre-export finance to SME exporters. The bond issues of Finnvera are rated AA+/AA1.

EU funding for energy - Tom Warras

Around €5.9 billion goes towards energy projects in the EU's Research and Innovation Programme Horizon 2020. These projects aid the creation and improvement of clean energy technologies, such as smart energy networks, tidal power, and energy storage. In November 2017 the European Commission published a report titled ‘Building a low-carbon, climate-resilient future’ on the areas where Horizon 2020 is funding research into clean energy solutions. Besides Horizon 2020 several other EU programmes like NER 300, Cohesion Funds, European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and European Energy Programme for Recovery (EEPR) have funds allocated for Energy.


NEFCO - Dennis Hamro-Drotz

NEFCO (Nordic Environment Finance Corporation) invests in sustainable green growth and climate projects globally. We focus on small and medium-sized projects. Financing for internationalisation is offered through the Nordic Project Fund (Nopef) as grants for feasibility studies, and as loan or equity financing through NEFCO Global. www.nefco.org & www.nopef.com




Finnpartnership - Noora Piri

Finnpartnership is a business partnership program financed by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and managed by Finnfund. Finnpartnership offers funding, contacts and advisory services, which can be used to assess business opportunities in developing countries. Finnpartnerships main services are Business Partnership Support and Matchmaking. Business Partnership Support is financial support (grant) for the planning, development and training phases of projects aiming at establishing long term commercial activity in, or starting importing from developing countries. The support covers 30-85% of the acceptable expenses and the maximum amount can be up to 400 000 euros per project. Matchmaking connects companies in Finland to companies in developing countries by channelling business partnership initiatives and opportunities via the Matchmaking search.



Public Sector Investment Facility (PIF) - Antti Piispanen

The Public Sector Investment Facility (PIF) supports public sector investments in developing countries in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) using Finnish technology and expertise. PIF investment credits are mixed credits which combine development cooperation funding and export credits.

The developing country in question is responsible for preparing an investment project that is based on Finnish expertise and technology as well as for the procurement decision. A financial institution, approved by Finnvera, is responsible for organising an investment loan for the project. PIF funding is used to cover part of the purchase price of the investment project and the interest on it in order to ensure that the developing country’s expenses are considerably reduced.

Finnfund - Tuomas Suurpää

  • Funding for profitable, private sector investments in developing countries, with a focus in lower income countries
  • Investment stage financing, both greenfield and expansion investments
  • Equity, mezzanine and loans with tickets from 1 to 25 million euros, always less than 50% of total investment
  • Financial return reflecting the risk
  • Finnish content is a plus