Startups & Scaleups


Finnovations startup and scaleup pitches consist of eight companies representing various data-driven health care solutions and different stages of development. The companies will get a chance to pitch their project ideas to the outstanding Finnovations audience of established companies, investors and public partners.

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Aiforia Technologies Ltd

Aiforia Technologies was founded as a spin-off company from the Finnish Institute for Molecular Medicine (FIMM) in 2013 by researchers and pioneers in the field of cloud-based microscopy and pathology, and experienced life science entrepreneurs. Aiforia is a first-in-class, versatile cloud-based platform that increases the speed, accuracy and consistency of analyzing large and complex medical images across a variety of fields. The precise and robust technology, based on deep-learning AI, is intuitive and only requires an internet connection and the user’s own domain knowledge to begin training AI models, which can help solve some of today’s most complex image analysis problems facing researchers, pathologists, radiologists, clinicians and other healthcare professionals. Aiforia assists with the increased demand for image-based diagnostics by providing efficient and scalable solutions – enabling new discoveries, clinical support and highly accurate and consistent data.


Biomensio Ltd

Biomensio is revolutionizing analytics through its Diagnostics-as-a-Service (DxaaS) platform that allows frequent and rapid on-site detection of multiple biological targets from a small amount of sample. The platform consists of a fully digital handheld reader, multianalyte fluid cartridges, and a cloud-based analytics service powered by a professional services team.

Tests made for traditional centralized lab equipment can be adapted to Biomensio’s on-site diagnostics platform, allowing a potentially unlimited menu of high-sensitivity tests to reach the on-site test market. The platform can be leveraged to take advantage of growth opportunities in the mobile diagnostics market in multiple verticals, including drug abuse, food safety, clinical diagnostics, and home-based testing.


Medial EarlySign Ltd

Medial EarlySign helps healthcare systems, clinical labs, and life science companies with early detection and prevention of high-burden and chronic diseases. Our outcome-focused AlgoMarker™ software solutions find subtle, early signs of high-risk patient trajectories in existing lab results and EHR data collected in the course of routine care. EarlySign’s validated clinical solutions are rooted in deep expertise in machine learning. They help to identify patients at high risk for conditions like colorectal cancer, prediabetic progression to diabetes, downstream diabetic complications, chronic kidney disease (CKD), flu complications, lung cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Our clinical solutions aid clients in identifying early opportunities for disease prevention, intervention, and enhanced care management.


Neuro Event Labs

We believe that everyone deserves a good life. Our mission is to help epilepsy patients and their doctors with our technology.

We are building a scalable product that combines computer vision and machine learning to provide patient data for neurologists. This data is revolutionary and helps neurologists to make the right treatment decisions. We are doing our part in the digital revolution taking place in the field of neurological measuring and treatment.

We believe in technology making a difference, this means keeping the patient in the center of everything and maintaining high standards - making it right the first time.


Orla DTx Oy

We are a drug development company – only digital. We discover opportunities where unmet clinical needs can be solved by Digital Therapeutics (DTx) and where potential commercialization partners have strategic interest.

We are experienced builders of DTx solutions. We come from pharma, diagnostics and MedTech companies. We understand the needs of institutional payers. We know how to work with medical opinion leaders. This makes us the ideal partner to develop DTx solutions whether you are launching or striving for market leadership.



VEIL.AI is a spin-out from FIMM (Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland). Our key technology experts have an experience of 20+ years related to demanding sensitive data management projects. Advanced VEIL.AI services help healthcare actors to utilize valuable data in ways that were not possible before. Combine, analyze and share sensitive data more securely, efficiently and with richer quality.

 With our services you can combine and anonymize sensitive data from multiple parties in real-time. You can further improve your data utility with our data synthetization service. We help you to understand the privacy risks in your sensitive data and achieve regulatory compliance.



Well-Beat is an e-health patient adherence navigator. Our machine learning engine compiles patient proles, real-time behavior, provider feedback and uses behavioral psychology best practices to offer personalized patient communications. Well-Beat providers a hybrid motivational experience – guiding providers in their interactions with patients and generating real-time digital personalized interventions. The platform nurtures the relationship between care providers and chronic patients throughout the patient journey. This improves standard of care, patient satisfaction, engagement and overall adherence. Well-Beat has been proven to dramatically increase treatment adherence in chronic patients, decreasing avoidable healthcare spending without additional staff.


Welmo Inc

Welmo is a social venture. We have currently developed Japan's largest welfare service platform "MILMO," and "CPA (Care Plan Assistant)" which supports care plan creation. CPA is a welfare service platform to assist care coordinator, who helps daily activities of the elderly people, to create a care plan with AI technology, which is NLP (Natural Language Processing), in terms of knowledge and information support through AI engine as CPA database. It has mainly two fundamental technologies; data warehouse includes all fast data and big data about care, explainable AI that describes the reason why the care is provided for the users.